The Lighthouse Projects



Gary Kurkjian - Accountant

Gary’s journey through life took a sharp turn when he left his last managerial job in the corporate world of Qatar and headed back to his home country Lebanon. The vast experiences that he has gained throughout his 12 years spent working in some of the Gulf countries have developed his managerial and interpersonal skills. But, for Gary, it was those last 4 years which he remembers most; the years when he was practicing yoga which became his true passion. Gary is now a part time yoga instructor teaching yoga at several studios in Beirut; he is also the co-founder of Ganatch, an NGO that promotes active citizenship and works on environmental projects in Lebanon.

Marco Pinarelli - Vice President & Photographer

Having changed professions a few times, from the law field to the farming fields; Marco, who is of Italian origins, set foot into the world of professional photography at ICP in New York. His travels to what we superficially call as -the third world- countries nourished his critical view of contemporary societies, leading to a conflicting relationship with them. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 2004 mainly shooting for designers and architects. His work has been extensively published around the world. The foundation is the answer to his curiosity and desire to making his surrounding a better place. He is now based between Lebanon and Greece.


Mohamed Salhab - General Secretary

Gregarious is the best way to describe Mohamed; his love for meeting other people and listening their problems has made his quest through life a generous one. A translator in profession and a traveler by heart, his experience working in journalism and public relations in the gulf has paved the way to a career as an interpreter for the United Nations. Besides his current job, he still finds great pleasure in teaching languages almost as much as kite surfing in Egypt and conducting wine tours around Lebanon. He joined the foundation out of belief in the power of words and images in addressing the public and making a difference in this world. 

Sandra Rashid - Treasurer

Sandra is a senior researcher/Quality control supervisor working in the research industry. She has been involved in managing a diverse set of qualitative and quantitative projects for the past three years. After earning her BA degree in Marketing and Communication degree, she started her career as a telemarketing executive where she developed her communication and selling skills in business to business settings. Moving into the research field was an inevitable positive step which opened up a wide and versatile scope of work which she loves.

Walid Rashid - President and Photographer

After years of work in Qatar in the corporate and banking world, Walid was not afraid to step aside a world that didn’t mean much to him. Photography grew more into him during his 1 year trip to South East Asia which landed him a scholarship award with National Geographic. In addition to his major is translation and languages, the camera became his favorite means of communication. He currently works as full time commercial photographer, assisting artists, architects and interior designers in Lebanon and the region. He is convinced that images are a powerful tool to sell products as they are to share ideas. He is best described by his friends as a go-getter.